Celebrating Leadership in Development Excellence

2011 CLIDE Awards Selection Process

After the March 25, 2011 submission deadline, NCTCOG Staff screened all applications and supplemental materials for eligibility, completeness, and compliance with submittal requirements. NCTCOG Staff then forwarded all applications and supplemental materials to the CLIDE Awards jury.

This year’s jury was comprised of a prestigious panel of nationally recognized experts in the fields of architecture, sustainable development, and planning. The 2011 CLIDE Awards Jury includes

In April 2011, the jury convened to deliberate on applications in each category and select winners.  The jury determined the number of winners in each category; however, they did not have to select a winner if they did not feel that any of the applicants merited selection.

In early June 2011, NCTCOG staff notified recipients of their selection.  The 2011 CLIDE Award recipients were formally recognized at the NCTCOG General Assembly on June 17, 2011. Click Here to view the video.