About the Center

The number of people living in North Central Texas continues to grow by more than 26 percent every 10 years and experts predict that growth will continue to be significant. Today's population of nearly 8 million people in the Dallas/Fort Worth region is expected to grow to more than 10.8 million by 2040. This is an exciting time as growth brings new economic and cultural opportunities, but it is also a time in which we must plan for new and unique challenges.

To prepare for the road ahead, the North Central Texas Council of Governments' Strategic Plan for 1999-2003 called for the creation of the Center of Development Excellence. The Center is envisioned as a comprehensive effort to bring together public- and private-sector experts in the environmental, transportation, development, and information analysis fields to address the regional issues and infrastructure concerns of the future.

The Center of Development Excellence developed the Principles of Development Excellence along with a mission statement to guide the initiative. These principles are designed to address the many issues that impact the region as population grows, including, but not limited to, transportation, air quality, water supply, and the environment. Through the Center's support of Vision North Texas, two new principles have been added to the original ten. They can all be viewed here: Principles of Development Excellence


The mission of the Center of Development Excellence is to promote quality growth in North Central Texas that enhances the built environment, reduces vehicle miles of travel, uses water & energy resources effectively and efficiently, and helps advance environmental stewardship in order to ensure continued economic vitality and provide the highest attainable quality of life for all residents.