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Planner's Roundtable

The 2nd NCTCOG Planner’s Roundtable was on Thursday, February 17th, 2005 at 9:30 am.

Jack Tidwell, Manager of Environment & Development Programs in NCTCOG’s Environment & Development Department, kicked off the meeting with introductions and an overview of the agenda:

First, John Hunt, Manager of GIS in NCTCOG’s Research and Information Services (RIS) Department, discussed several RIS activities and projects of interest to planners, including the 2005 Cooperative Purchases of new digital orthophotography and LIDAR-generated topography for several parts of the region.

Then, Alicia Hopkins, Senior Transportation Planner in NCTCOG’s Transportation Department, provided updates on several Sustainable Development Programs, including the Land Use/Transportation Interface, the Regional Rail Corridor Study, and activities intended to help local governments prepare for Transit-Oriented Development.

Next, Karen Walz, Principal of Strategic Community Solutions, offered an update on the preparation for and development of the Vision North Texas event coming up on April 25th. Vision North Texas will be an event by the Urban Land Institute, the University of Texas at Arlington, and NCTCOG to increase public awareness about regional land use issues and involve a wide variety of people in the visioning of future growth and development in the north central Texas region.

Following that, Kevin Spath, a Planner in NCTCOG’s Environment & Development Department, briefed the Roundtable on the recent launching of the 2005 CLIDE (Celebrating Leadership in Development Excellence) Awards process and brought attention to the Call for Entries handout which is also available at Prospective applicants were invited to stick around for the CLIDE Awards Application Workshop at 1:00 pm.

And finally, Kenny Calhoun, Senior Development Planner in NCTCOG’s Environment & Development Department, provided an introduction and overview of the innovative integrated Storm Water Management (iSWM) program being cooperatively developed by 65 local governments in the region. Currently, the Draft iSWM Design Manual for Development/Redevelopment as well as the Draft iSWM Policy Guidebook are out for review and comment until March 19, 2005.

The event concluded with an informal roundtable discussion and a networking lunch around noon.

Details of the event, including PowerPoint presentations, are posted below. They are presented in Adobe Acrobat format.

Agenda and Presentations

  1. Welcome and Introductions
  2. Regional GIS - John Hunt, Manager of GIS, NCTCOG, Research and Information Services
  3. Transit-Oriented Development/Trans Texas Corridor Update - Alicia Hopkins, Senior Transportation Planner, NCTCOG Transportation (2,813 KB)
  4. Vision North Texas - Karen Walz, Principal of Strategic Community Solutions
  5. 2005 CLIDE Awards - Kevin Spath, Planner, NCTCOG Environment & Development
  6. iSWM Program - Kenny Calhoun, Senior Development Planner, NCTCOG Environment & Development

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