Principles of Development Excellence

The Center of Development Excellence recommends these Principles of Development Excellence as a guide to cities, counties, school districts, other public agencies, and the private sector as they plan and create future development and redevelopment in the region:



Development Diversity

Zoning-Mixed UseMeet the needs of changing markets by providing a mix of development options and land use types in communities throughout the region

CLIDE Award Examples: Plano Urban Centers, Ft. Worth Urban Village Program

Efficient Growth

Montgomery PlazaPromote reinvestment and redevelopment in areas with existing infrastructure, ensure that new infrastructure supports orderly and sustainable growth, and provide coordinated regional systems of natural and built infrastructure

CLIDE Award Examples: Sundance Square, Cityville Greenville, Gables Republic Tower, Montgomery Plaza, Plano Transit Village, The Block, State Thomas District, Trinity River Vision, Ft. Worth Urban Village Program, Addison Circle, The Tower

Pedestrian Design

Southlake Town SquareCreate and connect pedestrian-(and bicyclist) oriented neighborhoods, centers and places throughout the region.

CLIDE Award Examples: Montgomery Farm, Sundance Square, Lancaster Campus District Plan, Cityville Greenville, Southlake Town Square, Addison Circle, Trinity River Vision, Fort Worth Urban Village Program, Legacy Town Center, Mills Branch Initiative

Housing Choice

Ft Worth Houses Sustain and facilitate a range of housing opportunities and choices that meets the needs of residents of all economic levels and at all stages of life

CLIDE Award Examples: Nevada Court, The Block, Addison Circle, Mills Branch Initiative

Activity Centers

Activities Create mixed use developments that are centers of neighborhoods and community activities and serve as hubs of non-automobile transportation systems

CLIDE Award Examples: Sundance Square, Plano Urban Centers, Spring Valley Station District/Centennial Park, Addison Circle, Plano Transit Village, Southlake Town Square

Environmental Stewardship

Tall Grass Protect, retain or enhance the region’s important natural assets (including its air, water, land and forests) and integrate these natural features and systems into the character of the region’s communities and the experiences of its residents

CLIDE Award Examples: Dallas' Trinity Plan, Montgomery Farm, Trinity Uptown, Urban Reserve, Trinity River Vision, DFW Airport

Quality Places

Courthouse Square Strengthen the identities of the region’s diverse communities through preservation of significant historic structures and natural assets, creation of new landmarks and gathering spaces, use of compatible architectural and landscape design, and support for the activities and institutions that make each community unique

CLIDE Award Examples: Sundance Square, Old Stone Dam, Southlake Town Square, Addison Circle, Plano Transit Village

Efficient Mobility Options

Efficient Mobility Invest in transportation systems, facilities and operations that provide multi-modal choices for the efficient and sustainable movement of people, goods, and services

CLIDE Award Examples: Spring Valley Station District/Centennial Park, Plano Transit Village, Addison Circle

Resource Efficiency

Resource EfficiencyDesign buildings, sites, communities and regional systems to use water, energy, and renewable resources responsibly, effectively and efficiently, and to retain non-renewable resources for the use of future generations

CLIDE Award Examples: Nevada Court, TI Richardson Fabrication Facility, Frisco Green Building Program, DFW Airport

Educational Opportunity

Education Provide opportunities for all North Texans to have access to the schools, people and technology they need for success in learning throughout their lives

Healthy Communities

Community GardenIdentify and support functional, sustainable infrastructure and institutions that offer North Texas access to affordable, nutritious foods, opportunities for physical activity, and access to wellness and primary care services


Denton Plan Achieve the region’s vision by adoption of compatible comprehensive plans and ordinances for cities and consistent investment plans for regional systems; involve citizens and stakeholders in all aspects of these planning processes

CLIDE Award Examples: Trinity Uptown, Urban Village Program, Mills Branch Initiative, Frisco Downtown Architectural Design